Monday, September 1, 2008


Hi there!!

From now on, you need to update your bookmarks, I have changed the blog to a new one. Since Leaonna and I were Scrapoholic Designs TOGETHER I decided that I should start something on my own too, like she did with Busyscrappin.
So I am now opening Nezzi Designs.
The address is Http:// and I'm opening with a little freebie that looks like this:

Now, I had some troubles with the link, so I had to start over and make a new account on 4shared, but as far as I know, that link is working. If not, please report to me and I will send you the files as singles in email!! *I really want you to have it, huh? lol*

Anyway, there will be a CT call soon, and I am also adding new kits all the time the upcoming week, so head over to Nezzi Designs and have a look. And don't forget to update your bookmarks.

Oh, and the Scrapoholic Group.. Hmm.. I'll have to talk to Leaonna if we're keeping it or not, but for now, that's where I'll post the Nezzi Design news, ok? I'll tell you if we change things!!

Have a great day!

Friday, August 29, 2008

New QP freebie for you!

Hey there!!
Ok, so I will tell you a little secret.
I made a new kit, and you're getting a taste of it if you grab the Quickpage I made you from it!
I also made a new preview of the Sunkissed Love kit, since I'm gonna sell it and the new kit that I call Woman In Me, in Leaonna's store, but under another name!
I'm changing, like I said earlier, because Scrapoholic Designs are me AND Leaonna together, while she has Busyscrappin on her own, and well... i decided to become Nezzi Designs! Nezzi came from a little bit of playing around with the names of our animals.. Nemo and Zita.
I'll give you a preview of the kits that will be sold under the new name (not yet in the store, though..) , here they are.
First Sunkissed Love:

And here's the new kit I made.. The Woman In Me:

And the Qp I made you is here:
You can grab the Qp by clicking here!
I hope you like it!! If you have ideas for more themes, please email me or comment right here!
Thanks in advance.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Busy as a bee today!

Wow am I happy today!! My bestie Leaonna has helped me out BIG BIG time, she helped me restore my actions, stles and more CU stuff, so I actually made an entire kit today, and it was SOOOO much FUN!
*doing the happy dork dance over here..*
I also made you guys a little freebie, a QP to pop your frindship pictures into!
The theme of the kit, that I call Sunkissed Love, btw, is friendship and love, and that's because I'm blessed to have as many great friends as I do, and I also wanna take the oppurtunity to THANK YOU ALL for being so kind and helping, not to mention supportive!
It means the world to me, and I'm so happy for all the emails, PM:s and other ways you showed me some love. I just hope I can do the same to you some time.

Well, I'll cut to the chase, and give you a preview of the new kit. I hope you know where to find it? That's right I'm in Leaonna's store Busyscrappin. Click Scrapoholic under Designers and you'll find me!
I had some trouble getting the kit into the store, but I hope that will be fixed soon, otherwise please email me and I'll send the links for the kit manually after I recieved a receipt from Paypal. (My paypal email is if you wanna buy it from me...)
Anyway.. Here's the kit. It's divided into a paperpack of 12 papers, and an elementpack with lots of goodies!
Here are the Papers:

And here's the elements:

Special Thanks for making this kit goes to
Atomic Cupcake
Scrapstew Sue
Leaonna Kizer/Busyscrappin
Digidesign Retreat
Mariana Barros
Luiza Garay
Mega Doodle Inspired

Thank you all for providing me with such great items!
Here's the freebie Quickpage I made for you:

OPS, I made a mistake, but now I fixed the link!!
get the Qp HERE!!!

Have a great night!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I've got an award and you get some freebies!

Hey there people!
Boy have I missed blogging!!
I am FINALLY getting back on track, I got the CS3 back, and I am now hunting for some tools to make cute stuff with, and so far I have ran into some really nice places..
As I start my post, I have decided two things. One, I will leave you a freebie, I just haven't made it just yet..*lmao* but I will, and it will be available once this post is published, even though it will probably take me hours to finish it all up. But it is SO worth it!!
My second decision is that I should start this post with my new AWARD that I got from Leaonna, thanks a lot hun, you're the sweetest!

There are some rules for this award, to keep it going, I need to nominate some other blogs, and this time, the magic number is 7. So here are my 7 blogs that I love.
1. Jeanie from Scrapdoctor Designs is a talented designer and she gives away really cute freebies from time to time too! She inspires me, and that's why I want her to have this award, PLUS I love the look of her blog!

2. Sandra aka Miss Foxy of Miss foxy designs deserves this award too, for the same reason as Jeanie ;o) Another one of all the generous designers that gives away pretty freebies and share their talents in a lot of ways! Thanks Sandra!!

3. Linda of Lindas Lot is sooo deserving this award!! She's a talented scrapper, a nice person, has a great looking blog and shares a lot of cute freebies! All I can say is that I LOVE THAT BLOG..*lol*

4. Debi over at Sweet Adeline Designs inspires me too, and she makes a lot of cute stuff, both freebies and layouts, and I think she deserves this award!!

5. Jazzy over at Words to Delite is also a great place to visit for a scrapper. A very talented designer, and some great inspiration too!! I love it!!

6.Karel formerly Crafty accents, now Art and Scraps has some GREAT stuff on her site and has been a true inspiration for me since way back in time!! I find her kits and designs to be VERY unique!!

Finally, number 7.. Tracy from Kissed By A Whisper gave me some inspiration, and she also gives away some neat freebies from time to time.. a reason as good as any to get an award, huh? *lol*

That's it, that's all the nominees I have this time. I tried to have a look around and get some new names, I feel like I keep giving stuff to the same ones all the time..*lol* and I think that's not the way it should be, but to show the way to some other people that deserve some aprecciation. At least that's the way I try to do it..*lmao*

Now.. the freebie. Hmm.. what will it BE?? *lol*
Well, I've been making something or you during the day *see, it took me the entire day to get started again, I knew it!! *
and here's what I made from some of it.. I moved, and there's a few things I miss a lot. Here's a lo showing two of them.

And now, here's the preview of the minikit I made for you. It's ok for any use. Commercial, S4H and personal, so i didn't include a TOU. No credit is required. (Even though I do aprecciate if you do give me credit, of course..)

This includes three papers, one border with hearts, one cluster/polaroid frame set, one paperclip, and one phototag plus one chain deco border.
I hope you enjoy it. feel free to comment and leave some love when you get it over here.

Soo.. I sure hope you will enjoy this, and get back soon, I'm planning some new changes, and big ones too..*lol* I need change right now, since I have been kinda sad lately, for a while I lost all energy and enthusiasm, but it seems like I am getting it back and that makes me happy!! So I hope to see you all soon.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Here I am...

Hi all!!
Ok, so I have been a BAAAAAD blogger/designer, and I'm sorry. There has been a lot to think about, and I also lost all of my designing material, such as actions, styles, templates and clipart and so on, so I need to go collecting some new stuff before I give you some new stuff..
I also lost my CS3 so I can't even scrap!!! *SAD* But I will have Peter reinstall it soon enough, when ever he gets a chance.. he too has a ton of things to do, so for STELLA: we will take the entire site away, including your stuff, so don't worry, ok?
Things will get a new look and a more personal content will be added... As soon as we have got our stuff in order!!
But I can show you some pics from our first time here, we go ourselves a new little furbaby.. a kitten called Zita!! Here she is:
Cute, huh? *lol*
She has been here for three days, and is starting to get aloing just fine with Nemo. He's a true gentleman, and won't move or look her in the eyes unless she comes to him first. And they look really cute together.. this pic was taken earlier today, sorry for the red eyes, but like I said, I don't have any cs3 to fix it right now.. *lol*

We have also been shopping a little.. got ourselves some furniture for the bigger one of our two balconys, so we can sit outside and eat or take a cup of coffee or anything we like.. here it is:
Lucas loves to have the big balcony to play at, and since the furniture we got is made of plasic, they can be outside all year around wich is great! These are very popular in sweden by the way.. We got some blue chairs for the smaller balcony too, but we need to take away some stuff and get it "done" before I show you ;o)
We also invested in some entertainment for the entire family three days ago.. we bought ourselves a Nintendo WII and a Nintendo DS White too.. plus some games.
And as if that's not enough, we also bought a new kitchen table and chairs to go with it, a new lamp over that table, a new bed and some other furniture for Lucas' room.. and some are still not put up yet..*lol*
Peter's money are flying like birds his month!! But it's all investments, he says, so I guess it's ok...
Here's some pics of the kitchen..

Lucas seems to get in on all pics i ever take, haha.. but he's all around!!
He is starting a new daycare right now too, and it's SOOO close!! He took a pic of it from our big balcony.. here it is!

I thought the daycare he had before was close, took about 2 minutes to get there.. but this is plain silly.. haha.
Anyway.. I need to check out what Lucas is doing, sounds like it's something unallowed.. but now you know I'm planning to get back. I miss you all!!